2014 Schedule of Events

Time Event Location
8:00AM   –  Main Gate Opens
  –  Food Vendors Open
  –  Registration for Piping, and Drumming

Piping/Drumming Area
8:30AM   –  Piping and Drumming Competition
  –  Clan tents and Vendors Open
  –  British Isles’ Car Show
Piping/Drumming Area
Frontier Lodge Parking Lot
9:00AM   –  Adult Heavy Field Event
  –  Celtic Entertainment
  –  Registration: Youth Field Events
Field Events Arena
Main Stage
Information Kiosk
9:30AM   –  Northumbrian Pipes Demonstration Harpers’ Stage
10:00AM   –   Highland Dance Competition
  –  Children’s Activities
  –  Whisky/Mead Tasting Tent Opens
Dancing Stage
Beer Tent Area
10:30AM   –  Harpers’ Circle
Knights of Veritas Programming (all day)
Harpers’ Stage

Main Stage Area
–  Opening Ceremonies
Main Stage
1:00PM   –  Highland Dancing Competition
  –  Children's Activities
  –  Quartet Competition
Dancing Stage
Main Stage Area
1:30PM   –  Youth Field Events Competition
  –  Harpers’ Circle
  –  Pipe Band Competition
Field Events Arena
Harpers’  Stage
Main Stage Area
2:30PM   –  Celtic Entertainment
Knights of Veritas Medieval Dagger Class
Northumbrian Pipes Demonstration
Main Stage
Main Stage
Harpers’ Stage
3:30PM   –  Procession of the Caber to Field Events Arena
4:30PM   –  Massed Bands and Awards Ceremony Main Stage
5:15PM   –  Ceilidh Main Stage

To perform in the Ceilidh, please sign up at the Information Kiosk before 5 p.m.

Information, Lost and Found: Information Kiosk
Medical Assistance: 1st Aid Station

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